Conversion Calculator for Healthcare Providers

We built this calculator for use at our clinic, but we hope that others will find it useful. Changing any value will instantly recalculate all other relevant values, so feel free to play around with it.



Body Mass Calculations

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Body Mass Index (BMI): 

Underweight: <18.5  |  Normal: 18.5⁠–⁠24.9  |  Overweight: 25⁠–⁠29.9  |  Obesity I: 30⁠–⁠34.9  |  Obesity II: 35⁠–⁠39.9  |  Obesity III ≥40

For abnormal BMI (<18.5 or ≥30):

Ideal Body Weight (IBW):  kg    ( lb)
Lean Body Weight (LBW):  kg    ( lb)
Adjusted Body Weight (ABW):  kg    ( lb)


For abnormal BMI (<18.5 or ≥30):

If you need to calculate dosage in micrograms, just enter your values as if these were mcg and mcg/kg fields (eg. for 50mcg put “50” in the “mg” field), and remember that your calculated values will also be in mcg or mcg/kg.

Please note that all calculations are done on your device, so no information is shared with our servers, and once the page is loaded, it even works offline. Feel free to share this widely with your colleagues, or anyone else who might find it useful. We want to make it as useful as possible, so if you have suggestions for improving this calculator, please send us an email:


This is just a tool, so please use your clinical judgment when caring for patients.

Here are the formulas used in the calculations if you need to check the accuracy for critically important dosing decisions:

TBW = total body weight in kilograms
Wlb = body weight in pounds
Hcm = height in centimeters
Hin = height in inches

Hcm = Hin / 2.5400

TBW = Wlb x 2.204623

BMI = TBW / (Hcm / 100)2

IBW(male) = 50 + (2.3 x (Hin – 60)

LBW(male) = (9270 x TBW) / (6680 + (216 x BMI))

IBW(female) = 45.5 + (2.3 x (Hin – 60)

LBW(female) = (9270 x TBW) / (8780 + (244 x BMI))

ABW = IBW + (0.4 x (TBW – IBW))